Life-Love #20: Someone’s compassion when you feel hurt

There are moments in life when you feel broken or hurt. You may have been abandoned by someone you love. Perhaps someone has disappointed you. It could be that you have been humiliated by another. You feel like you are spinning and lost and disoriented. Your self-confidence is low and you don’t feel as though […]

Life-Love #18: The moment when people understand your point

We all want to be understood when we are making a point. I am a professor at a university and I spend a lot of time explaining things to people. The subject matter that I teach can be quite technical – I teach media measurement, public relations and political communication. Sometimes the subject matter can […]

Terry Fallis reads from his new book, The High Road, and donates his archives to McMaster University

I just got back from a book signing event featuring noted Canadian public relations professional and political satirist, Terry Fallis, who read from his new book, The High Road, which is the sequel to The Best Laid Plans. The event was co-hosted by McMaster Chief Librarian, Jeff Trzeciak and Mark Lefebvre, from Titles, McMaster University’s […]

Life-Love #17: The first step off the airplane

Air travel is, in many ways, a mind-bending activity. You enter the airport from your departure city, in-tune with its unique rhythm and its texture. Scenes and sounds from the day ricochet around your mind as you settle into the departure lounge with your coffee or tea and glance, perhaps furtively, at the other passengers […]

CSMM at McMaster has a new “Professional and Organizational Communication” stream and three new PR courses!

For those of you interested in what we’re up to in the communication studies program, at McMaster, a little update. We used to have three areas of concentration that students could specialise in: (i) Mass Media; (ii) Performance Studies; (iii) Language and Social Life. We have decided to do away with the linguistics component of […]

Life-Love #16: Getting unexpected support in a meeting

Many of us dread meetings. Either because they can be boring or often full of people who are full of themselves, or who have hidden agendas. We have meetings at work, at our places of worship and when we volunteer. Sometimes, though, when your facing down a tough crowd, or making an unpopular point, someone […]

Life-Love #14: Being greeted at the door by a trusty pet

I love animals. They offer unconditional love and depend completely on our attention. Their world revolves around us. We are responsible for their happiness and their well-being. Sometimes, if I have had a challenging day and maybe feel a little discouraged by workplace politics, the drive home can be a little bleak. I always smile […]

Life-Love #13: Meeting an old friend in an airport lounge

Traveling, especially business travel, can feel pretty anonymous. You haven’t really chosen to go to your destination, and since you’ll be in meetings, you probably won’t see much except for your hotel room and maybe a restaurant or two. So off you go, in a taxi or on the bus from home, overnight bag and […]