A Big Day: Visit to Cormex Research & PR/Social Media Talk

Today was an eventful day. First, I taught my French semantics class this morning. Then I got a little work done in my office until the COMM-Lab managers, Shelagh Hartford and Arun Jacob, joined me in my office and we drove in to Toronto to have a research visit with our lab industry partner, Cormex […]

Life-Love 59: Breaking through ideology and into humanity

Sadly, ideology can often drive a wedge between peoples. I choose the word ideology and don’t extend it to faith, because one often finds that profound faith – in God or in others – tends to soften and humanise people. Any person whose faith is driven by love and caring outside of politics and ideology […]

Life-Love 58: Feeling kinship with someone different

It is so easy to dismiss others who surprise or disconcert us. They may look different, eat foods we’ve never tried, listen to music whose rhythms and melodies surprise us, speak a language we don’t understand or wear clothes that we find strange or immodest. They may have a different skin colour, or perhaps practice […]

Attended 10-Course Banquet to Celebrate 5 Years of Dragon Fencing Academy in Richmond Hill!

Tonight was a wonderful night. My parents and I were invited by my oldest friend, Fencing Master Stanley Yee, to a banquet celebrating the 5th Anniversary of his pride and joy: the Dragon Fencing Academy. Stanley and I have been friends since the first night that either of us signed up for fencing lessons at […]