CSMM at McMaster has a new “Professional and Organizational Communication” stream and three new PR courses!

For those of you interested in what we’re up to in the communication studies program, at McMaster, a little update.

We used to have three areas of concentration that students could specialise in: (i) Mass Media; (ii) Performance Studies; (iii) Language and Social Life.

We have decided to do away with the linguistics component of the third stream and replace it with a new area of concentration: (iii) Professional and Organizational Communication.

Professional and Organizational Communication will start having new courses, including these three that we are rolling out for the 2011-2012 academic year.

This is all very exciting. It is our way of getting more in tune with the professional practice of communications – something that our students are demanding.

Here are the three new course descriptions:

Introduction to Public Relations in Canada
An introduction to fundamental skills, knowledge, theory and problem-solving techniques currently used in the practice of public relations in Canada, using the case study method.

Building Publics Using Social Media
Survey of social media tools available to communications practitioners. Concept of “building a public” is examined from an interdisciplinary perspective. Emphasis is placed on the techniques of rhetoric and persuasion.

Communications for Campaigns and Elections
Examination of tools, tactics and strategies employed by communications practitioners, strategists and managers during campaigns and elections. Effective use and construction of influence is analysed using case studies and theory.

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