New Year’s Resolutions 2021

This year was a strange year. COVID-19 kept us at home and made many of us sick – I had extended family members who caught COVID-19 and survived, thankfully. As many of you know, my life revolves around my work as a professor of communication studies and communications management at McMaster University and my work […]

Computers I have used and video games I have played

I have been a computer enthusiast since I was a young boy. My first computer was a Texas Instruments Ti99/4A on which I first learned the joys of video games and computer programming. After that we had a Macintosh SE, with a whopping 10MB hard drive. It felt like a supercomputer! My first laptop was a […]

My new favourite handwriting tool: Adonit Jot Touch with Pixelpoint

I have terrible handwriting. Often, it is so bad that I have to spend significant amounts of time deciphering what I have scribbled during meetings or when I have written down personal observations. Recently, I discovered the joys and efficiencies of writing and drawing on my iPad with a stylus. I started with one of […]