All writing all day. Oh yeah, and I LOVE The Tudors!

Not much to report today. I woke up at 7:55am and started writing and editing. I didn’t stop until about 20 minutes ago. Only three chapters to go in the book. So, once I finish Understanding Human Communication (2nd Canadian Edition), I have a few more writing projects for this summer, some articles, a couple […]

My reflections on public relations Master’s presentations in Syracuse

Today was a quite a day. Even though I was staying at a beautiful hotel, the Sheraton in Syracuse, which is part of Syracuse University, I didn’t get to sleep until about 3am! I guess the excitement of the drive and the day got me wired… I woke up early, got dressed in my blue […]

A pleasant drive to Syracuse University

I spent the morning working on chapters 10-14 of Understanding Human Communication. Then I waited for Dr. Terry Flynn, my good friend and the founder of the Master of Communications Management program at McMaster University, in which I teach a course on communications theory. He arrived and we drove down to Syracuse, under a golden […]