Life-Love #14: Being greeted at the door by a trusty pet

I love animals. They offer unconditional love and depend completely on our attention. Their world revolves around us. We are responsible for their happiness and their well-being. Sometimes, if I have had a challenging day and maybe feel a little discouraged by workplace politics, the drive home can be a little bleak. I always smile though, when I see an anxious little furry face peering out from under the lacy drapes that cover the narrow window the beside my front door. I hear muffled meows as I struggle with my slippery messenger bag and the key which will never quite fit right in the lock. The door opens and my cat, Gigi, meowing happily, sashays around my legs and sniffs my shoes and bag. I lean over, riffle my fingers through her fur and she purrs loudly, craning her little face to look up at me from all sorts of crazy angles. Then she flops over and wants to be petted. It’s nice to be loved.

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