Life-Love #20: Someone’s compassion when you feel hurt

There are moments in life when you feel broken or hurt. You may have been abandoned by someone you love. Perhaps someone has disappointed you. It could be that you have been humiliated by another. You feel like you are spinning and lost and disoriented. Your self-confidence is low and you don’t feel as though you have much to add to other people’s lives. All you feel is sad and vulnerable and exposed. Many people will try and take advantage when you are in this position, using your weakness against you. They are lost people – empty shells. However, there is always someone who will extend an arm of support – a smile, a wink and grin as they grab your hand firmly, sharing their warmth with you, making you feel human. Making you feel strong again. The spinning slows, you feel the ground solid beneath your feet. You know that better times are just ahead. What gift have they given you? The gift of compassion. Pass it on.

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