Summer 2010 residency for MCM733:CommTheory complete

Yesterday, we completed day 5 of the summer residency for MCM733: Communication Theory, offered in the Master of Communication Management Program at McMaster University. It was an excellent class – quite intense, quite a whirlwind, very engaging. The class was very active – we had many in-depth discussions on how a solid grasp of communication […]

Video: Public Relations and Edward T. Bernays

Public relations was born out of idealism, elitism and a desire to perfect democracy. The founder of the field, Edward T. Bernays, was the nephew of Sigmund Freud. He created the field and named it on a whim. This video, produced in the United Kingdom and called The Century of the Self, while quite critical […]

We remember what we hear and feel, not what people say.

I have always believed that humans have feelings and that these feelings impact our reasoning. Current trends in neuroscience seem to be bearing this belief out. For me, my thinking about emotional cognition started during a philosophy seminar in which we discussed René Descartes notion that cognition is purely rational. Cogito ergo sum. He also […]

Call for Papers: Journal of Professional Communication

Today we launched the first call for papers for the Journal of Professional Communication. You may remember the first launch of the journal at the Canadian Public Relations Leadership Summit 2010. We warmly invite you to join our official JPC Facebook group. Or to follow us on Twitter. Please visit the journal’s official home, on […]

Master of Communication Management Convocation – McMaster 2010

Today was a very special day, as the first six graduates of the Master of Communication Management program at McMaster University crossed the stage to graduate. Hooded one-by-one, by my colleague, the extraordinary Dr Terry Flynn, Founder and Director of the MCM Program, the “pathfinder” class of the program all received their diplomas and took […]

Video of Rick Mercer’s Convocation Address at McMaster Humanities Convocation 2010

Today was the McMaster Humanities Convocation, held as usual at the Hamilton Place auditorium. What a great afternoon! I love our students. They are such impressive people and they were at their best today. Elegantly dressed, well-spoken, surrounded by families who love them. It was a pleasure to watch them file in. I love our […]