Signed a contract for a new book: Understanding Public Relations in Canada

Today was a very good day! First, David Estok, VP of the Sickkids Foundation came to guest lecture and was a huge hit with the students. He really brought to life for them the relationship between the news industry and the PR business. It was most enlightening and engaging. Joey Coleman attended as well. Afterward, […]

“TOO RUDE?” political civility panel a great success!

A note I sent to the people who participated in “TOO RUDE?” … Dear Friends, I thought that I would write to you and tell you what a great success TOO RUDE? was. According the Hamilton Spectator’s write-up we had 150 people in attendance on Nov 10, 2010. We also made the front page of […]

Life-Love 42: Being surprised by a hint of perfume

Growing up French Canadian, and spending a lot of time in France meant paying attention to the finer things in life. Personal grooming, stylish attire and thoughtfully chosen adornment define much of the French child’s world where he or she is taught to discern: elegant from mundane, vulgar from exquisite and appropriate from awkward. I […]

Gave a “Mac on the Road” Alumni Lecture on “Making Sense of Social Media”

I had a wonderful night giving a public lecture to a great audience at the Holiday Inn on Wyecroft Rd in Oakville. The lecture was in the “Mac on the Road” Alumni Lecture Series, so I knew some people in the crowd! What a pleasure to reconnect with people who were my students only a […]