A social media lecture at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga

Today I gave a second lecture on social media, this time in the BMO Room of the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. The topic was how social media is changing the way we do business and lead our personal lives as engaged citizens. A big part of what I was saying had to do with the fact that we are now in a world where everything is seemingly personal on-line. Corporations and NGOs speak to us and friend us on Facebook, send us messages on Twitter. It all seems to warm and real and personal – but really this is a construction.

In fact, this is the subject of the book I am currently writing on publics and social media – my thoughts on the reality (or not) of virtual life and how it affects how we communicate with one another.

On another note, many of our CSMM alumni were there! I was so incredibly happy to see them. Jeff Sykes, Chantelle Juffs and Dwayne Ali all turned up – I even went for drinks with Chantelle and Dwayne afterwards. It was such a warm, pleasant evening.

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