Guest lecture from Gurdeep Ahluwalia of CP24 in CMST 4N03

Today was quite the day for me. I rushed back from Niagara Airport in Buffalo to make it to teach CMST 4N03 News Analysis: Theory and Practice. It was an important day, because one of our alumni, Gurdeep Ahluwalia was coming in to give a guest lecture about his experiences building up a career as a broadcaster.

Gurdeep was a great guest speaker – he spoke with passion and generosity, sharing his insights and the details of his career journey thus far: one that has taken him from internships organised through our department to a position as an anchor/remote host with Toronto television station CP24. His speaking style was passionate and his enthusiasm and obvious love for what he is doing was infectious.

I am always so happy to hear of our alumni’s successes. Truly – their successes are my successes!

Afterward, we went for dinner at the McMaster University Club and then I walked Gurdeep back to his car through the pouring sheets of rain. We used copies of The Sil as umbrellas as neither of us had remembered to bring one.

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