Life-Love #15: Waking up refreshed and calm

We spend the greater part of our lives tired. We go to bed too late, we wake up too early. Sometimes sleep comes only as we collapse into bed worn out from stress, worry, annoyance or loneliness. We have so much on our minds, that we actually forget that exquisite feeling of waking up refreshed. Many of us grind our teeth, take sleeping aides or toss and turn. Our lives are often stormy oceans where anxieties blow us from giant swell to giant swell. It takes all of our strength to keep afloat – emotionally and physically. On some sweet mornings, however, you wake up and your body is relaxed, your mind is calm. Your neck and shoulders feel as though someone has been massaging them gently all night. You’re light and limber on your feet and your mind is clear. You notice details about the world around which you would normally be too preoccupied to see; the clear grey light of the morning gives the landscape outside your home a soft, rounded quality; or how the branches of the tree in front of your house sways at a constant rhythm in the wind. You feel alert, alive and connected. This feeling is the happy fruit of a good sleep. Sad that it’s so rare, isn’t it?

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