Update on Ignatieff Visit

So, we have quite a few photo feeds.

Eric Harrison put up a beautiful collection on his Flickr page from which I put a selection up on my Facebook page. His pictures are stunning. He really captures the mood and feel of the event.

Lily Panamsky, one of the editors of The Silhouette, the student newspaper at McMaster, wrote a great article on the Conversation event.

Danielle Lorenz later wrote a response to the Conversation with Michael Ignatieff on the TalentEgg careers website about Mr Ignatieff’s campus tour and on-line chats.

The Conversation sparked a lot of interest in politics on campus. I am very pleased that it has awakened students to the need to get engaged, be involved and make difference. Regardless of their partisan affiliation.

Just get involved. With effort, organisation and passion – YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.

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