A three-eventful birthday!

What a great day I had today on my birthday! I wasn’t expecting much – I don’t make a big deal out of my birthday and I don’t usually put a lot of focus on it. This year, though, my friends took it in hand! And I am grateful to them for thinking of me…

Joey Coleman, Philip Savage and Andrew Laing took me to lunch at the University Club. That was really nice! We had a great conversation and Joey had a chance to meet Andrew for the first time.

I had a glass of wine with Jeff Trzeciak and then dinner with Communication Studies alumna and good friend, Stephanie Henderson at a Thai place up on the mountain.

After that, Stephanie and I went to Hamilton’s first tweet-up, organised by Meg Coppolino, also an alumna of Communication Studies at Mac and now a “communications rockstar” at kitestring.ca. It was a great night. We had nametags with our twitter nicks on them. Mine is rather unimaginative – alexsevigny.

It was a great night because I got to chat with several of my good friends and made the acquaintance of @BeCircle – a multimedia programmer who studied cultural studies and now runs a small website company in Toronto.

A wonderful birthday full of good friends, new ideas and networking. What could be better?

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