Life-Love 80: Someone who believes in you

We spend much of our lives wracked with doubt. We wonder if we are smart enough, tough enough, tall enough, good-looking enough, and so on. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we see reflected back at us all of the things that worry us – our looks, our aging skin, our greying hair. All of those things make us feel inadequate at moments, weak and frail in the face of a challenging and aggressive world full of people whose seem to be driven by resentment or jealousy.

Sometimes you feel put upon or attacked, or maybe just nervous because of a great challenge that lies in your path. You doubt yourself and every mirror reflects a warped image back to you. It is at these moments that it is most wonderful when someone stands by you. Someone who values you. Someone who believes in you. This person could be a friend, a family member or a partner – anyone really – but the important point is that the person believes in you. They believe in you for those who doubt you. They believe in you for those who try to demean you. They believe in you for those who would diminish you. That person’s belief becomes the rock upon which you can build a life and plan for the future. Without that belief, the future seems a hazy, shimmering, ineffable field, rather than a solid road forward.

This sort of belief is a gift, one of the greatest that someone can give to you. It is a gift born of love and caring. When it is given freely, and unconditionally, it is greatest treasure in the world.

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