Summer 2010 residency for MCM733:CommTheory complete

Yesterday, we completed day 5 of the summer residency for MCM733: Communication Theory, offered in the Master of Communication Management Program at McMaster University. It was an excellent class – quite intense, quite a whirlwind, very engaging. The class was very active – we had many in-depth discussions on how a solid grasp of communication theory can inform public relations strategy.

The class members were engaged and focused. Although the topic is quite involved, we had many moments of levity and a lot of good laughs. Many of the stories that were told brought the theories down to earth and the abstract concepts down to practical application. Kudos to the class members for tolerating 4 hours of me for 5 days in a row:

  • Joe Distel
  • Rebecca Edgar
  • Karen Humphreys-Blake
  • Brett McDemott
  • Heather Magotiaux
  • Sylvie Plante
  • Frank Vasallo

I look forward to reading the papers they will be writing in the next three months.

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