A day of writing at Le Westin in Montréal

I spent today holed up in my hotel room at Le Westin in le Vieux Montréal. It was a quiet day – I woke up really late, because it took me 8 hours to drive in from Hamilton with the crew. I was annoyed because I was tired last night and scratched one of my rims a little against the curb. One of those stupid things that really bother you after you done it, but you know – I found solutions for repairing rims on the internet, so all will be well.

So I woke up really late at 11am and wrote steadily until 7pm when my room mates came up to see if I was ready to go out for dinner. I got through the final edit of chapter 10 for Understanding Human Communication. That means that I really have only chapter 11 left, so I will do that tomorrow – and make my deadline for Oxford UP of June 1.

My next pre-occupation will be launching the Journal of Professional Communication at the Canadian Public Relations Society annual meeting in Regina Jun13-15. I am looking forward to it, as it is my first time at that conference.

So tonight we had a late dinner at a Mexican restaurant on Saint Denis and then a glass of wine at the hotel bar at Le Westin.

I have to say I like the Westin chain – they have the awesome leaf-shaped soap that smells so fresh. Not as nice as Fairmont’s citrusy soap, but a close second, certainly.

Tomorrow the Canadian Communication Association conference begins in earnest. It is my first visit to this one too.

A summer of firsts for me.

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