Ha! I fixed my tire for cheap!

Today was a day of meetings and writing for me. We had two “mentorship meetings” with junior colleagues, in which I tried to understand the research programs and teaching profiles of my colleagues who are still on the harrowing path of seeking tenure.

I also got my tired fixed – without having to buy a new one. The local garagiste, Glendale Motors, patched the tire on my Mercedes-Benz GLK for the princely sum of $23. When the Mercedes-Benz dealership was trying to sell me a new tire for $655. Hmmm… I wonder if they were being overly conservative with my safety? Or trying to make money? I will opt for overly conservative with my safety, as that is the more charitable option.

I then went to Coffee Culture, a pleasant little café in Ancaster, just across from Glendale Motors, on Wilson St., where I sipped a jasmin green tea and caught up on all the emails I had received that day. You know, if I don’t reply to you immediately, it is because I receive between 50 and 150 emails a day! I always want to give a “quality reply” so sometimes I put it off, and sometimes, shamefully, it even falls off the table.

Then I got home and worked on my writing all night long.

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