A text message ended a special connection

Today I received a text message that told me that someone for whom I care deeply, someone with whom I share a common outlook on the world and so many common traits and feelings no longer wants to communicate with me.

I realise that I made errors, but actually feeling the stinging loss of a kindred spirit’s trust makes the world seem dark and gloomy.

I feel shattered. Today was a terrible, terrible day. I feel nothing but a hopeless sense of loss. I do care so deeply for her.

I guess life goes on. Why is finding (and keeping) someone so hard?

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  1. Any chance of reconciliation? Things like this usually happen when there have been massive misunderstandings, especially if you share a deep connection with someone. Perhaps it’s time for an honest dialogue between the both of you, all walls down and no holding back.

    I hope things get better, and if not, at least that you feel better.


  2. Thanks, Areej. It was kind of you to post that. I wish honest dialogue were possible. Time will tell, I think…

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