Hamilton Civic League Meeting

I had a good night hanging out with people who are passionate about citizen engagement at the Hamilton Civic League town hall tonight. The Townhall meeting and panel discussion was held at Westdale High School. There was fantastic organic coffee from Red Hill Coffee Trade.

The subject matter was the Aerotropolis – a proposed expansion of the Hamilton Airport. There were four panelist, all of whom had different points of view on rezoning the airport lands for commercial use. There was a lively debate with questions from the floor, as well.

It was great to see political people present, such as my friends Judy Marsales, former MPP for Hamilton West and Peter Ormond, federal Green Party candidate for Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale . The media was also there – Maria Hayes from CHCH brought a camera. Also present was Joey Coleman, a post-secondary education blogger with the Globe and Mail. Too bad the Hamilton Spectator was absent.

I finished the evening off with a night drive up the mountain to look down at the shining, shimmering lights of the City, as they peter out into the dark waters of Lake Ontario.

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