New Year’s resolutions 2023

I will be honest with you, 2022 was a mixed bag in terms meeting my New Year’s resolutions. I didn’t meet fitness goals, didn’t focus on music much. However, I did manage to trim distractions. I also did a lot of research, which has positioned me well to achieve my writing objectives in 2o23.

In terms of spirituality, I did indeed pray and do more scriptural study. I made it a regular part of my life, quietly saying morning and evening prayers, as well as silent grace before each meal. I am proud to have brought mindfulness and meditation into my classrooms with great success.

I ended the year exhausted, spent and unfit, which wasn’t a great condition to find myself in. I won’t let that happen again. It just isn’t worth it.

New Year’s Resolutions 2023

1. Writing, writing, and editing.

I have a book manuscript to finish by the end of January and another by the spring. The first book is about how artificial intelligence is changing the communications and marketing professions. The second is about positive political communication and collegiality. I also want to renew the Journal of Professional Communication.

2. Fitness and strength

I was in a tremendous place with fitness and strength in late-2021, then the wheels fell off with the administrative responsibilities and political campaigns in fall 2021, 2022. I need to get back to that great place, because I felt wonderful. So I will. It’s just a question of not letting the everyday turn into exhaustion. This will depend on continuing to prioritize and trim distractions.

3. Focusing in on priorities

I starting cutting responsibilities in 2022, I will continue to do that in 2023. I am very focused on my writing, teaching and research, including consulting that contributes to my writing, teaching, and research mission. This means I am going to be less available. I hope to reach many through my writing, speaking, teaching, and research.

So there you have it. Two priorities. I am looking forward to putting pen to paper and getting fit again. Wish me luck. If you see me, ask me if I am making progress.

I hope you achieve progress toward your goals, stay healthy, and increase your prosperity and happiness.

Happy New Year 2023!

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