New Years Resolutions 2022

What a year 2021 was. I ended up spending it mostly at home, although I got an incredible amount of work done. Working from home seems to agree with me.

In 2021, I focused on my virtual, physical and spiritual lives.

I tried to reimagine my teaching and I think I did so, pretty successfully, at least for me. I also tried to keep friendships going by regularly Zooming with people who live near and far. That actually went well – maybe I am better at friendships via Zoom than in person!

I focused on fitness last year. My efforts were spent on weight loss — an area I have always struggled with. I finally proved to myself that I can do this, getting my weight down to 145 lbs and my body fat down to 14%.

I went for a forest walk almost every day on the Bruce Trail behind where I live in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. That was a pleasure because I got to watch and become part of nature’s rhythms as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months. I saw the cadence of the animal’s lives, some of them even got to trust me. I saw and felt the cycle of flowers, trees and other plants. I got to be friends with the birds in my backyard. Forest walking is a true pleasure.

I explored spiritual life a lot more last year. As many of you know, I am a progressive but faithful Roman Catholic. I had a lot to think about as a Catholic in 2021, and I feel like my faith came out of it deeper and stronger.

My consulting business expanded, as I started several new partnerships in 2021. I am happy with that, but I think there is a lot of room to grow.

As for writing, I am unsatisfied with how I did in 2021. Which leads me to my resolutions for 2o22…

New Years Resolutions 2022

  1. Trimming Distractions. I am going to continue with my journey toward greater minimalism.
    1. I want to get rid of every material thing that I do not actively use or envision a realistic use for.
    2. I will trim my personal social media channels back again (except for LinkedIn), tightening my circle of friends.
    3. I will only read from paper books and magazines in the evening, and banish electronics from my bedroom.
    4. Finally, I will reduce my commitments to things that take me away from the resolutions below. I have learned that you cannot do everything and that you have to focus in on your goals. For me, that’s led by writing and research — everything else will take second place.
  2. Writing and Research. I have spent the last six years working in data science at a fairly high level for various clients. Through that time, I have developed insights on Artificial Intelligence, Strategy and Business Analytics for PR.
    1. This year, I will finish the Artificial Intelligence manuscript I am developing with Martin Waxman.
    2. I will make serious progress on the manuscript on Strategy that I am working on with Brady Wood.
    3. As well, I will continue to develop my emerging interest in applying data science to understanding sports communications, with a focus on reputation management and sports gaming.
  3. Fitness and Strength. I was happy that in 2021, I proved to myself that I can lose weight and keep it off. Now, I am going to get strong and fit.
    1. My target is gain muscle and lose fat so that I balance out at about 12% body fat, which I think is appropriate for my age (48 as of 2022).
  4. Spirituality. I want to continue my study of the principles of mystical prayer and meditation.
    1. I will continue my daily study of Christian scripture and gaining an understanding of other religions and spiritual traditions. I am fascinated by the intersections of the world’s faiths.
  5. Music. I want to get back to using my piano. I will do my best to make playing the piano a part of daily life in some way again. I might even try again to learn the guitar.

That’s it. I am focusing in on my goals and will make a serious effort to remove obstacles toward achieving them. Wish me luck.

I wish you a Healthy, Happy and Productive New Year 2022. Above all, listen to yourself and seek self-mastery. What do you really want to achieve? Are you focusing on your goals or those others pick for you?

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  1. The piano playing sounds nice. As you age you realize what really matters. Trimming is a nice word. May we all have a better 2022.

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