New Year’s Resolutions 2020

Last year, I committed to fitness, developing my consulting business and getting down to some research and writing. I can say that while I didn’t get all the way to the end of those objectives, I made a lot of progress with each.

In terms of consulting, I expanded my knowledge and abilities in the areas of data-driven communications management, as well as communications audit work for internal communications. My fitness has increased, with my continued vegan diet and a focus on reducing fat in my diet. I also got onto Zwift quite a bit for both running and cycling (well, ok, mostly running). In terms of research and writing, I gathered some superb datasets and have written a manuscript for my promised monograph (with co-author Dave Scholz on social media in Canada). I am proud of how I did in 2019.

So, here are this year’s resolutions:

  1. Continued Fitness and Wellness. I want to move from “being fit for my age” to being very fit, period. This means dropping my body fat from about 24% where it is now, down to about 18%. As well, it means regular cardio vascular workouts and some strength training. I also want to see if I can continue to do 10,000 steps during every day of 2020. I will continue to reduce the fat in my vegan diet and try to incorporate a greater spirituality in my daily wellness practice.
  2. Research and Writing. I want find a publisher for my book manuscript on social media and write a second book on the impact of artificial intelligence on the creative professions. I also want to continue my research into how data science and artificial intelligence can help the PR, marketing and advertising industries set benchmarks, KPIs and milestones. This means continue to study what constitutes value in communications and how to put a number on that value.
  3. Enhancing Consulting Business. My consulting business is doing well, between the work I do as a data-driven communications/marketing consultant and the work I am doing in internal communications and political communications. I hope to continue working in these areas, enhancing my skills and the depth of insight that I can provide.

These resolutions will also set the tone and direction of the new decade I am embarking on. These will also I look forward to striving toward achieving these goals!

I wish you the best on your journey.

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