Guest lecture from Don Smith, Dir. of Operations, Public Affairs Branch, CRA

Yesterday and today were a lot of fun for me. My good friend and Master of Communication Management thesis student, Don Smith came to visit. He arrived rather late and I got home to see him wheeling in to my driveway. We went out to the Outback Steakhouse in Ancaster and had sirloin steaks. It was really quite nice. We reminisced about the MCM program and talked a lot about how applicable much of the theory and knowledge that we covered was to the practice of public relations.

Today, Don came and gave a guest lecture in my CMST 3QQ3: Communications for Campaigns and Elections class. He was great! I was called away suddenly, but he gave a great guest lecture. Apparently we have an A/V fail and he had to wing most of the lecture with no powerpoint. When I got there, the students were peppering him with questions, asking him all about how he had handled an infotech fail communications crisis from a  media relations perspective.

After that, we made a quick trip tot he bookstore so that he could check out some Mac swag, then lunch with Terry Flynn and Heather Pullen, another MCM student from Don’s year. We had a magical lunch between old friends and professors and then we all went our separate ways, happy to know that we have friends in the world that we can always count on for a laugh, some support and great conversation!

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