New Year’s Resolutions 2019

In 2018, I pretty much kept my resolultions (except for those concerning fitness – that was a sad failure.).

I established plant-based living as my permanent lifestyle, banishing all animal products from my pantry, and experimented with many vegan cooking styles. I also made progress towards a liberal, progressive Roman Catholic lifestyle. I refreshed my knowledge of artificial intelligence, data science and familiarized myself with how startups work in that area. I haven’t found an osteopath yet, but I did finish one book manuscript which will publish in March (Understanding Human Communication, 4th Canadian Edition). It was a productive year.

Here are this year’s resolutions…

During the past few years, I simplified my resolutions. This year, I will continue in the same trend, perhaps because I am getting a better sense of what really motivates me.

  1. Research and Write. This is the year I work towards spreading my thoughts on how data, communications, culture and commerce intersect. I have a book to write on social media in Canada. To this end, I will ressurect our McMaster Communications Metrics Lab in some form as well.
  2. Startup. I have had a startup-sized splinter in my mind for several years now. This year I will develop the IP necessary to make it a reality and begin developing a minimum viable product.
  3. Get fit. Well, I will use the treadmill as much as possible, running on Zwift, swimming at the pool and maybe even doing some weights. I will only set one measurable objective: Progress from my current weight of 185lbs to 165lbs. I will attempt to achieve this without hurting myself.

So here goes a New Year 2019. Wish me luck, I certainly wish you all the best…

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