Classes begin. Teaching a new course: Communications for Not-for-Profit Campaigns and Elections

Classes are beginning very early this year, on January 4th! Good Lord. New Year’s was just a couple of days ago.

I am excited about this term. I will be teaching a fourth-year translation class for the Department of French. I love translation – I have done it as a consultant for government and private offices in the past. It is both an art and a science.

I will also be developing a brand new third-year course called Communications for Not-for-profit Campaigns and Elections. In it we will investigate how to do media relations in the context of political and not-for-profit campaigns. We are using the Canadian Federal Election of 2008 as a case study. Students have to design a campaign strategy and communications plan. They also have to develop a suite of campaign communications products.

I will update you periodically on this new course is unfolding. I hope it proves to be a good experience for the students!

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