My writing process

The writing process involves creativity, of course, but that creativity is also a product of discipline and hard work. Writing is something that each of us has to develop a process to be able to do well. I will quickly describe mine for you.

I write every day. In fact, you will have noticed that I have taken to writing a blog post every day – that is one of my New Year’s resolutions and also something that has helped me “prime the pump” for larger writing projects.

I enjoy writing and to do it professionally, you must enjoy it too. I find it calming and even serene when I sit down in front of the computer and start to put words onto the blank screen. As the words take shape, I feel myself relaxing – my muscles loosen up, my mind is calmed and I begin to be engrossed. All I hear is my own voice saying each word as I type it.

When I wrote on paper, I used to love watching the words appear on the page, with each stroke of the pen, until the canvass was filled, not only with my ideas, but with the scratchy cursive that I had fashioned. I recently started writing in longhand using a stylus on my iPad, and in the short couple of weeks since beginning that practice, I have already found my penmanship improving. My goal is to have a flowing script someday.

There is something magical about the writer’s craft. If you love ideas and stories, you should try to develop your own writer’s craft. The craft is as diverse as there are passionate writers.

Good luck and happy writing!

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