Marketing vs PR? More like marketing is BECOMING PR

The new world of social networks, ubiquitous smartphones and easy connectivity has made the relationship king of the marketing universe. The thing is, most marketers aren’t trained to understand their consumers to foster a proper dialogical relationship that most people would recognize. Rather, they are good at doing research, understanding trends in the culture or doing research to unveil consumers hidden desires and then deliver a product to them that meets those needs and dreams.

The problem is that the usual vehicles for communicating with consumers just aren’t that effective anymore. Traditional advertising and mass communications tools such as radio, print and television are changing rapidly, transforming into relational media. Most marketers aren’t tuned to the relationship frequency.

And that’s where the opportunity for public relations and communications management comes in. PR is a business built largely on a deep theoretical and practical understanding of relationships, reputation and crisis/issues management. The problem is that advertisers and marketers tend not to think of PR in these terms, rather they tend to consider PR to be a function for getting the word out, not forming the strategy. This is wrong. While advertisers and marketers try to figure out how to handle relationship and build reputations, the answer is lying right in front of them: public relations. Marketers just don’t know that their field is converging with and transforming into PR.

This is the challenge for PR pros…

It’s up to PR pros to understand how business strategy works and make the value proposition for what public relations can do for which marketers don’t have the right training: build relationships and credibility for brands!

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