New Year’s Resolutions 2015

Hmm… Another year has passed. A year of a few joys but many sorrows. I lost my beloved and Sainted aunt Dawn this year – much too early, in her early sixties – to cancer. It was a blow that marked me and made me truly reconsider what I feel to be important in life. The grief at losing someone so close to me stopped me in my tracks and then slowed all of my actions. It made me think and consider what I want to accomplish in my life. A life which can be too short. So this year, I have simplified my resolutions even further:

1. Be healthy and fit. This means, in my case: lose some weight; eat healthily, cleanly and regularly; exercise and meditate more often.

2. Gently start to learn two new things: yoga and the guitar. I have practised both as an amateur in the past and enjoy them. I will do both more regularly, and play the piano more too. I find playing music very relaxing.

3. Write daily. This is a discipline that I used to have but have put aside because of the noise and bustle and clutter in my life. I feel that I have much to share.

4. Pray, meditate and be mindful. I am Catholic but I feel like have drifted from the mystical practice that I once enjoyed and was inspired by. I need to pray and practice religion to be healthy and happy. I want to be more gentle and wise like Jesus in my thoughts and action.

So that’s it. As I get older – I will turn 41 on January 28 – I find that my resolutions become more and more intertwined. If you read them closely, you will find that they really form one commitment to a healthier and more mindful life.

I wish you a good year of growth, health, love and prosperity. Peace be with you.

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