@McMasterMCM Winter Residency – A great success!

Last thursday, the Winter Residency of the @McMasterMCM program – a resounding success.

We had a record number of 42 students registered across years 1 and 2 of the program. Our students came from all over Canada: every province except New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI. We also had students from Mexico and Oman! We had students from the many different fields of communications management: public relations, journalism, marketing, government relations and fundraising. This diversity means that we are able to gather a cohort full of communications leaders in one room – our conversations are broad ranging and deep; faculty and students as much from one another as we teach in class.

The MCM is also famous for our prestigious guest speaker series.

Each residency, we have a gala evening at the Hamilton Club on the Saturday night. Last week, our @McMasterMCM Winter Gala was a huge success, with Jonathan Harris, Managing Partner, InfoMart (Postmedia) as our keynote. He gave a provocative speech on the future of journalism which roused one of the most animated question periods that we have ever had at one of our gala events. Faculty and students engaged our guest speaker in a lively conversation about content marketing, digital branding and the future of news.


On Wednesday, we had our @McMasterMCM Technical Luncheon, featuring Katie Paine, President, Paine Publishing. She delivered a superb luncheon lecture, “Measurement in the Age of Context”, which led to a wonderful question period afterward. As you can see in the photo below, she even wore her Google Glass device during the whole presentation!

We also innovated during this residency, expanding on our partnership with CPRS Hamilton to offer a workshop by Katie Paine, entitled, “How to Build a Best in Class Measurement Program”. We had over 40 CPRS, IABC and non-affiliated professionals attend the three-hour workshop, which was a incredibly successful. Katie took the time to ask the members about their specific organizational measurement challenges and then provided advice from her books: “Measure What Matters” and “Measuring the Networked NonProfit”. The session was so useful that the participants didn’t want it to end, after three hours. This was the first such partnership meeting with CPRS, part of our ongoing efforts to open the MCM up to the community of practitioners!

All in all, an excellent residency was had by all. To get a taste of how much fun we had together, you can peruse our photos through our flickr stream below…




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