Liberal Caucus Christmas Party

On December 9, I went to the Liberal Caucus Christmas Party, which was  a really nice time. The snow storm that hit on the day of the drive up something right out of an action thriller and a drive that should have taken about 5 hours took more like 7. I got a late start because I had to invigilate my Intro Comms students’ exam. At McMaster we aren’t obliged to invigilate exams – we hire professional invigilators for that task – but I like to stay for the whole time. The class has 350 students and for many of them, it is their first experience writing a major exam. So I stuck around. Then I got in the car and drove through rainy skies in Toronto and then terrible snow up highway 416. But I got there, just after Mr. Ignatieff’s speech, and joined the Gerard Kennedy table. I was happy to be there because I got to meet some old friends and catch up. I was also happy because I got to meet Hon. John McKay and converse with him – it was a great coincidence, since his daughter, Rachel was in News Analysis fourth-year seminar. The drive home the next day was a lot easier. I left late in the day, after spending some time with friends on the Hill and also visiting Mr. Erik Wessman, the father of Lars Wessman, one of my oldest and dearest friends, who now lives in Portugal. Overall, a great couple of days, and a big road trip adventure, to boot!

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