MCM June residency begins today!

I am very pleased to welcome all current MCM students to our June residency. Summer is an exciting time in the Master of Communications Management since it is time for elective courses – two for first year MCM students  and one for second years, who also take an advanced research methods course that will lead them into doing their capstone projects.

For first year students, the summer marks the first time that they get to take electives. Electives are a chance for MCM students to explore topics that interest them. This summer we are offering two courses:

  • “Reputation and Branding,” professor: Dr. Laurence Mussio of McMaster University.
  • “Negotiation: Theory and Practice,” professor: Dr. Neil Katz of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs of Syracuse University.

Both of these courses combine theory and practical knowledge, with a focus on communications as a high-level strategic management function. Students learn using the case study method and work on real-world problems, while applying theoretical and ethical concepts.

The capstone project is the last part of the MCM – a work of professional research, a professional project or an academic paper that serves as a culminating moment for two years of personal and professional transformation that the MCM represents. This year, expert research pedagogue, Dr. Philip Savage, will teach the course and guide the students through ethics approval (if their research involves human subjects) and then to a preliminary proposal, before handing them off to their capstone advisors – professional or academic faculty in the MCM – who then provide subject matter expertise to guide the students in the completion of the project. Many of the capstone projects result in publishable pieces of work which add to the repository of Canadian professional communication knowledge.

Needless to say, any MCM residency is a chance to connect and reconnect with like-minded practitioners and leading professional communicators from across Canada. It is also a chance for current MCM students to join the powerful network of MCM alumni who are climbing the organizational ladder and making waves in the profession all over Canada.

Residency is an opportunity for me to reconnect with MCM students, faculty and alumni, whose friendship and support I cherish and enjoy. We really are doing something special in the MCM. I feel fortunate to be part of it.


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