Co-Led Five Sessions at a Library Leadership Institute at the University of Hong Kong

I just came back from Hong Kong, where I co-presented, with McMaster University Chief Librarian Jeff Trzeciak, five workshops at the 10th Annual Hong Kong University Library Leaderships Institute. The institute was a smashing success, under the leadership of organizer, Peter Sidorko, University Librarian at the University of Hong Kong.

Jeff and I presented on the following topics:

  • Transforming Traditional Organizations
  • Developing Blended Library Services
  • Going Online with Library Instruction
  • Developing New Media Services
  • New Models of Collaborative Research Support

The collaboration between us worked really well. Jeff brought his extensive experience as a change agent and successful library manager to the table. I brought a communications management perspective, as well as my take on organizational change management.

I was very impressed with the quality of the workshops. The Institute participants, who were librarians from across Asia, were dynamic, engaged and enthusiastic participants. They came from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong and Mainland China. The diversity of the group was a real strength, since it meant that each breakout session got people talking across both institutional and ethnic cultures. It was very exciting to be part of it.

While I was in Hong Kong, Jeff and I also met with members of the Hong Kong Chapter of the McMaster Alumni Association. I was so very pleased to see dynamic, successful and heartfelt people representing McMaster as our alumni. It warmed my heart to see what fond memories they had of their times at McMaster and how much they believe in McMaster.

The cultural events we attended were also great. We attended Institute dinners in Port Stanley and on Victoria Peak, which had a spectacular view of the city. In fact, there was a beautiful light show as the buildings were lit up in synchrony with a musical score – similar to the fireworks shows of the old Symphony of Fire, but with strobing lights up and down giant skyscrapers.

All in all, this was an extraordinary trip. Not only was Hong Kong as beautiful and exciting as I remember it to be from my last trip, but I felt as though my life has been enriched by all the new people that I met and worked with there.

What more can one ask of a lecture trip?

The view from my hotel room window in the misty morning.


Running a dotmocracy exercise at the Institute.


Having a glass of wine in cafe in Port Stanley after a long day of presentations.


Another view from my hotel room on a sunny afternoon.


The bay and boardwalk at Port Stanley.


Standing outside the Jade Market.



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