Guest lecture today from Don Smith of the Canada Revenue Agency.

Don Smith, Director of Operations, Public Affairs Division at the Canada Revenue Agency dropped by our CMST 4n03: New Analysis, Theory and Practice class to deliver a guest lecture and lead a discussion about working for the federal government.

He presented his M.A. thesis which was a content analysis of compliance messaging for the CRA in Canada’s major dailies. He then presented a case study on how the CRA dealt with the crisis of the internet going down a couple of years ago. He described his issues management approach and how the crisis management team was constructed. It was fascinating. After his two presentations, Don fielded questions on how students can become employed by the federal government. It was a spirited discussion and there were several questions.

We had a bit of a curveball thrown to us at the beginning of class, when one of our student presenters took very ill and had to go home. Life is never boring in News Analysis!

Don and I went for lunch at Cora’s in Ancaster and had the all-day big breakfast.

An excellent day.

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