My new year’s resolutions for 2012

Last year I was both ambitious and deep with my resolutions. I was trying to make some positive changes in my lifestyle and I largely turned a corner. This year’s resolutions are more practical:

1. Fitness. For me this means swimming at least twice a week as well as doing 20-30 minutes of calisthenics (push-ups, crunches, one-arm row) or weights. It also means getting my weight down to a muscular 156 lb and sustaining it. Today, I weigh 174lbs.

2. Academic writing. While 2011 was a year of progress and change (i.e. founding JPC, taking over as program director of MCM, etc.), I am aiming to make 2012 a year of consolidation of those changes. That means writing several book chapters and journal articles, as all academics do. It also means writing two books: Understanding Public Relations in Canada (Oxford UP), and a second on social media theory and management.

3. Creative writing. 2011 was the year of writing 100 life-loves. This year I will get back to creative writing by throwing myself into the project I started last year, but abandoned: “Hamilton Tales”, a serial novel about the life and times of some fictional people’s lives and how they intertwine, set in my home city of Hamilton, Ontario. I will be posting these to the blog for your enjoyment and criticism.

4. Playing the piano. This was a complete failure in 2011. Life just got completely away from me. I will return to this in 2012, however, hopefully building a sustainable discipline.

5. Prayer and meditation. I want to make quiet contemplation a daily part of my life. I find such peace in prayer and meditation, such calm and perspective on what can otherwise sometimes be a mad and unstable world.

6. Home life. While I already do alright here, I sometime put cooking at home and healthy eating on the back burner. This year I will endeavour not to do this. I will also endeavour to beautify my home and garden. I feel this resolution is very important to the success of the others.

Well, there you have it. I will tell you how I did a year from now. I wish you strength and discipline as you seek to keep your resolutions in 2012.

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  1. I will look forward to reading “Hamilton Tales”
    Happy New Years, Alex – here’s wishing all of us a fantastic 2012!!

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