Breakdancing in the McMaster Student Centre

Yesterday, I stayed late, writing in my office. I had a manuscript to finish for submission to a journal. It was an interesting piece about how Barack Obama uses time words to create a link between past and present in his speeches.

I had a quick dinner and glass of merlot with a friend at 1280, McMaster’s student-run pub and café. The wine was okay and the service was great. I have to say that 1280 is a great improvement over Quarters, the pub that used to occupy that space until it folded last year. I also had a carboholic Irish nacho fries – a caloric nightmare, but they tasted good.

After that, I went to the library and had an extended convo with one of the desk clerks about the pros and cons of unix, Mac OS and linux. Finally I decided to go to my car and finish writing at home. It was about 8 o’clock.

As I was leaving the student centre, I saw a group of kids breakdancing in the common area. The beats were great and they had some amazing moves. Most of all, I was amazed at how natural the whole thing felt – there was quite a crowd, maybe 120 people sitting in a circle around the dance floor, which was marked by yellow tape on the ground. The kids would take turns on the dance floor, sometimes they would coordinate in pairs. It was amazing. I was impressed.

I like working late and seeing McMaster’s campus after-hours. You never know what community event or performance you’ll run into.

Every day is an interesting day at the university.

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  1. I was there on Friday night too. I’ve been helping out a friend of mine with a production. They’re always there. In fact, I remember that kind of thing on campus years ago too/

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