LAUNCHED TODAY: The Journal of Professional Communication (JPC)

The long wait is over. I am pleased to announce the launch of the Journal of Professional Communication (JPC) – the first international journal of its kind.

After announcing the birth of JPC at the Canadian Public Relations Leadership Summit 2010 at the Old Mill in Toronto, we have spent over a year developing the journal. From choosing our hosting software, to soliciting papers and arranging for peer reviewers, to selecting fonts and graphics for the page layout, our JPC team has been working very hard to deliver the best inaugural issue possible.

Working with my friend and colleague, Dr. Terry Flynn, Senior Associate Editor, has been both stimulating and fun. Terry’s vision, optimism and personal drive to succeed are daily motivators to everyone around him. Working with Shelagh Hartford, our tireless assistant editor, has been an absolute pleasure. Shelagh’s keen eye for elegance in layout, grammar, style and APA formatting has made this first issue attractive, accurate and readable. Both Terry and Shelagh have been wonderful collaborators and patient fellow pathfinders for a novice Editor-in-Chief.

We have done our best and we humbly offer it up to the community of public relations and public affairs practitioners, journalists, artists, media/audience/opinion measurement professionals, policy makers and academics who, together, make up the exciting and emerging interdisciplinary field of professional communication. We also welcome any constructive criticism and feedback: we want JPC to be as inclusive and representative as possible.

Finally, we invite you to submit. It is your journal, after all.

Terry Flynn, Shelagh Hartford and Alex Sévigny Photo:@DocSavagePhd

JPC 1:1 | Inaugural Issue |  Table of Contents


  • Alex Sévigny & Terence (Terry) Flynn – A reflection on the evolution of the field of professional communication

Opinion Pages

  • Joey Coleman – Open Data: “There’s an app for that.”
  • David Estok – Paywalls
  • Nik Nanos – Polling in the 2011 Canadian federal election
  • Rikia Saddy – Social media revolutions
  • Dave Scholz – The several premature autopsies of AVE


  • James & Larissa Grunig – Public relations excellence 2010

 Research Articles

  • Jeremy Berry – U.S.-Canada study of PR writing by entry-level practitioners reveals significant supervisor dissatisfaction
  • Denise Brunsdon – The gendered engagement of Canada’s national affairs and legislative elite, online
  • Émile Foster – L’utilisation du marketing politique par les groups d’intérêt: Proposition d’un modèle théorique
  • Andrew Laing – The H1N1 crisis: Roles played by government communicators, the public and the media
  • Philip Savage & Sarah Marinelli – “Sticking to their knitting?” A content analysis of gender in Canadian newspaper op-eds
  • Heather Pullen – Eastern Health: A case study on the need for public trust in health care communications

 Book Reviews

  • Alan Chumley – Not your father’s ruler
  • Rebecca Edgar – Old ideas redux
  • Laurence Mussio – Depth Perceptions
  • Lars Wessman – An old quarrel, revisited
  • Lauren Yaksich – A global brand?

 Policy Document

  • Canadian Public Relations Society – Pathways to the profession: An outcomes based approach towards excellence in Canadian public relations and communications management educations








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