Two great nights out: One Duke and CLiC at the Art Gallery of Hamilton

On Wednesday night I went out to a new pub for me – One Duke in Hamilton. It was a night of great conversation and good wine. The grilled calamari was excellent. It’s a shame that busy schedules and time constraints don’t let me hang out with one of my favourite people as much as I would like.

Last night I went out to the CLiC Paparazzi event at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. I went with my friends from, a PR and advertising agency that specialises in youth marketing. I met Meg Coppolino and Chris Farias at their shop at 7pm and then we went to CLiC. The theme was celebrity and paparazzi so people showed up dressed like their favourite celebrities. Meg won “best costume” with her likeness of Lady Gaga to which she added a Hamilton twist as Lady Gage Park. Very clever.

The CLiC event was really well put together. The crowd was lively and mixed well. The space was great – small enough to feel full but not claustrophic. The food was Asian-inspired and there was a good selection of drinks. There was a diverse and fashionable crowd, representing Hamilton’s entrepreneurs, lawyers, business people and artists, most of whom were under 40. Good networking event.

There was an excellent lecture and tour by featured artist Jesse Boles, who does large-scale photographs of industrial sites, mostly in Hamilton and Toronto. His work was very beautiful and evocative. I love the detail that large photos of industrial wastelands and scenes provide. You can stare at it for hours. His show, Crude Landscapes, is featured at the Art Gallery of Hamilton right now. Check it out. Highly recommended.

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  1. Meg and I both had a great time. Thanks for coming and blogging!!! I’ll let you know of other events that come up in Hamilton.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. I used to live in the building behind One Duke and that place is my favourite place ever. The blackened catfish is to die for and the dry cajun wings are just as good.
    Too bad i missed the Clic party, but being a student unfortunately leaves little room for parties like that.

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