Life-Love 47: On the ties that bind

We spend an incredible amount of our time trying to make our mark in the world. We fight to define our role in an organization, to make other people recognize our contributions to a creative art project, or to mention us when they recount how a successful deal was made.

It’s interesting to note that very little of this matters.

As we age, and move forward in life, we realize how little this sort of recognition matters. In fact, it is vanity, really. We try to fit into social groups, to make them like us. We compromise our values and then we we have to live with those compromises. Compromises that may become shadows that populate our lives far into the future, negatively affecting our relationships, making others doubt us.

There is a simple answer to this.

The ties that bind are based in values and principles. The ties that bind are based in caring and love. The ties that bind are based in brotherhood and sisterhood. The rest is vanity.

The caring love is the only love to pursue, isn’t it? Lust, desire, control – all of these things are based in power. And, quite frankly, my friends, power is base – it is the expression of immaturity and a desire to gain control over one’s self by controlling others.

Seek the caring love and you will quickly find the ties that bind. Make all of your interactions count in a caring way. Make everything you do constructive. Live in the present – certainly – but always with an eye focused on a better, more caring future.

I firmly believe that if you do follow this path, you will build the ties that bind with people who count. Caring, principled people.

Good luck – it is a tough journey.

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