A great night at the Hamilton Supercrawl 2011

On Saturday night, I went to the Hamilton Supercrawl, to listen to Basia Bulat perform a number of arrangements of her pieces with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (HPO) on the main stage.

It was a great performance – Basia sounded great, as did the HPO. In fact, listening to conversation around me, there was a lot of talk like “I wish it didn’t have to end,” and “this was the best thing all day so far.” That’s high praise coming from a really diverse audience, with member ranging from high school students, to McMaster and Mohawk students, to members of the Hamilton citizenry, young and old. Basia was very gracious – she spent a few minutes talking about how great it was to work with the HPO, and the HPO music director, Jamie Sommerville seemed pretty thrilled to work with her. It was a mutual admiration society. Very nice to see.

It was great to be there with Annelisa Pedersen (HPO Exec Director), Tom Aylward-Nally (@Tom_A_N) and Melonie Fullick (@qui_oui). I also saw many of my students in the audience, as well as bumping into many friends from McMaster, including former MSU president Mary Koziol (@mjkoziol), and McMaster Institute for Music and Mind (MiMM) admin assistant, Andrea Unrau (@elevenandrun). Afterward, we went backstage and saw Chris Farias (@kitestring) and Steph Seagram (@seagrams), which was a lot of fun. We also chatted with Kari Hueber (@H_P_O), the HPO marketing and communications manager, which was great. Annelisa introduced us to Basia, who earned her reputation as an approachable, friendly person who lives for, and loves her art.

Basia took a moment to encourage the audience to attend the HPO’s concert series this fall.

You definitely should! I certainly will.

Maybe I’ll see you there.

Great crowd for Basia Bulat and the @H_P_O at SuperCrawl 2011 in Hamilton!

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