A photoshoot with Rabee Younes in Toronto!

I spent today with Rabee Younes one of my former students who is just starting his studio as a professional photographer.  He is one of the most creative, talented and good-natured people I have dealt with. I could always tell he was special. When he was a student in our communications and multimedia program at McMaster, Rabee always had a steely but gentle eye for visual detail – in clothing, grooming and gaze. I had a feeling he would eventually enter the world of image-making and fashion.

Today, he shot a set of portrait pics for me that I am going to use as promotional material for my communications consulting. We had such a great time, catching up, taking photos, changing into different outfits, working on facial expressions and “trying to get the emotions out” as he kept saying. I love fashion and have always had an interest in clothes and style, a personal passion of which many of those close to me are well aware. He was very generous with me, taking the time to explain the different lights he was using, and how the lights affected my appearance and demeanor in the photos. It was strange to think of myself that way – an object with a story to be told through a picture.

I started the shoot very stiff, because I am not used to being the subject. As our conversation unfurled, however, I felt my shoulders ease, my face unclench and my gaze become more natural. Even now that I am thirty-seven, I spend a lot of time daydreaming, so I do often get a faraway look, even during conversation. This can worry people, making them think I am not paying attention. In truth, it’s often that they have said something that has thrown me into a moment of revery. All in all, I can say that Rabee made the whole experience very comfortable – he put me at ease.

At the end of the shoot, I was a little tired, but I felt good. Rabee and I said goodbye – he packed up all his equipment and disappeared out the door. As I packed all my clothes into my car and danced gingerly over the snowbank to clamber into my car, I thought about why I am happy when my students become successful. I realised that every one of their victories is really a second victory for me.

If you need photos done – definitely contact Rabee Younes. He’s a real artist, with a great eye to detail and amazing fashion sense. His rates are also very reasonable for creative, fashion, beauty and portrait shoots. You can check out his work at his website, here.

Very highly recommended.

A pensive photo. Photo: RabeeYounes.com

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