A Big Day: Visit to Cormex Research & PR/Social Media Talk

Today was an eventful day. First, I taught my French semantics class this morning. Then I got a little work done in my office until the COMM-Lab managers, Shelagh Hartford and Arun Jacob, joined me in my office and we drove in to Toronto to have a research visit with our lab industry partner, Cormex Research. At Cormex we met with Andrew Laing, the president, and Christophe his chief software engineer, who is our liaison on the QPMAP project. We had a great meeting, and then we drove back. The conversation in the car on the way back was really great.

When I got back, I spent a little time in the student centre having a Jamaican beef patty and revising my powerpoint for the presentation I had prepared for Heather Pullen’s Crisis Communications course in the Centre for Continuing Education at McMaster. Heather is Manager of Public and Media Relations for Hamilton Health Sciences and was part of the inaugural class in the Master of Communications Management. She is running a great course! Her students are really fortunate to have her as their professor. My presentation was on “Social Media: Building Publics and Measuring Attitudes.” It went very well – in fact they had so many questions and we had such great discussion that the session went overtime! We spoke about how to deal with crises using social media technologies and ran through a number of examples. It was a valuable night for all.

Then I went home and watched an episode of Magnum P.I.

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