Life Love 40: The excitement of political action

It is so easy to feel disconnected. It’s simple to think that we are powerless in front of those who run the world, making it turn more quickly or slow it down to suit their purposes. It’s easy to slink off into a cynical corner to shut our eyes and fall into the sleep of reason, letting our mental and physical muscles atrophy – our bodies become slack, eyes vacant, watching the flickering world drift by on our glowing screens. That’s the easy way out: to follow and resign. Or… you can take action. You can push out of your private imagination and into the world. You can get involved in the lives of those around you. As soon as you volunteer for an nonprofit organisation, a non-governmental organisation or a political party, you are thrust into the world. You discover that politics is visceral – it is the arena where the dreams, fears, desires and hopes of the people are played out. It is a way of affecting how legislation, social programs and community services will be structured to improve or destroy the lives of the people you walk by everyday in the street. Politics is a bloodsport, because it is the most important sport of all – the one where our dreams become stories and those stories compete for attention and power. When you get involved, you become a part of this grand theatre, this splendid sport in which lives are changed, fortunes are made; where peoples dreams are dashed or fulfilled. So, move your lives out of your smartphones, out of your laptops and into the world. You will never look back.

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