Life-Love 39: Receiving a friendly note of support

Our days are so very full of worry and concern. We worry about our work, our friends, even our own level of fatigue. Our minds crackle with the static of constant concern and often we feel a electric jolt of anxiety at something that we forgot or that has just popped up. Perhaps it was news that a friend is sick or needs help; or a memo at work that declares an emergency priority that we know will keep us up late. We sink back in our chair, or lean over the enameled table in the cafeteria and feel the hardness and coolness of the objects around us. Our body feels soft and vulnerable – shaped by the priorities and material objects it fits into. Often, when we feel most vulnerable and alone, we receive a note from a friend – someone who has thought of us. A note that says: “I hope your day got better and that you had a moment to rest, my friend” Perhaps accompanied by a smiling emoticon. The thought of this warms us. When we feel overburdened, or worried, or vulnerable – we often also feel alone and forgotten. We feel useless unless we accomplish the thing that will take away the worry. But receiving that little email, or Twitter DM tells us that someone else, whom we may not even know so well, has thought of us. As he or she is sitting in her chair, or sipping her tea or pausing from typing at his desk – we have drifted through his or her imagination and tarried there awhile. The note tells us that we are a part of someone else’s life, that we have a place in someone else’s thoughts. This can really give you a second wind on a tough day.

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