Life-Love #38: Realising someone cares

We often feel so terribly alone. We may have lost a partner with whom we had a shared life of tea and walks and jokes over glasses of wine. We may have moved to another city and feel a little isolated and lonely in the cacophony of blaring horns and foreign cars and streets that gleam in a light a little different from the one we’re used to. There is a moment, though, when we are moved by the presence of another. It can be simple – someone smiling in line while we wait, anxiously thumbing a wallet or a purse, or perhaps a smile or a mischievous look as we replace an item that we didn’t really want on a shelf. What those looks tell us is that someone else has taken a moment to communicate a thought, a feel. To peer into our lives, in a moment of time – however fleeting and care. Loneliness is so easily cured by caring, even just a little. Caring means accepting someone else into your mind and your heart for a moment, letting them have a look around and maybe have a seat. Caring is an open feeling and it implies trust. Feeling that someone cares about you, even for a moment, is to feel more human. It makes us feel real and warm. It is a good thing.

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  1. this is so true. i not only agree, i feel very strongly about this. i feel more and more today our social interactions are increasing in quantity but decreasing in quality. this quality of just simply caring. it’s so special and so simple

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