Life-Love 37: Reading with a friend

There is nothing like reading with a partner. It’s both cozy and sexy at the same time – to see someone engrossed in a book or hiding behind the paper, cup of tea beside her, one of the of most attractive looks going, really. Reading implies the mystery of a rich inner life, a mind traveling through the words and consciousness of another through the words of an author. It also implies the ability to take a moment and to be quiet, be at peace. When you’re sharing a reading moment with someone, in a café or at home – you share a quiet intimacy: both of you are in private, quiet worlds, but your linked by your closeness, by the whiff of perfume of cologne that you catch, by the brush of a hand against yours as your partner reaches into a messenger bag for a pen or a scrap of paper. Reading together means sometimes glancing over your book, magazine or newspaper and seeing smiling eyes floating above a book, watching you with caring. People should read together more often. How nice to share a peaceful moment.

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  1. Reading with a partner, as you describe, can certainly be pleasurable. Reading with a partner in bed, however, is far sexier. Being able to read aloud to one another from an intellectually stimulating or interesting text invokes a primordial need for storytelling, yet this is accomplished, not in a parent-child dynamic, but in the context of an intimate, sexual relationship. Reading in bed with a partner in this way thus marries the needs of the mind with those of the body. Very yummy.

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