Life-Love 35: Waking up to a sparkling harbour view

I love seaside hotels. There is no happier paradise for me than an elegant hotel in a beautiful setting, but my favourites are always grand hotels by the sea – either a room overlooking the open blue vastness stretching out to the infinite horizon, or a window that lets you watch a harbour awaken in the morning – the fishers leaving early and urgently, the container ships drifts in like floating lego sculpture, bringing the wealth and productivity of the world to Boston. The clear, morning light sparkles on the dark blue waters, dancing lights drawing and redrawing scattered points of light on a gently undulating sculpture. Today I am in Boston, at the grand Fairmont Battery Wharf, and standing in the garden, overlooking the deep. It’s pretty quiet here, an oasis at the edge of a beautiful city. The air is crisp and I feel sprinkles of moisture on my face. There’s a tiny chill in the air that has woken me up and started my mind’s machinery working. It is on morning moments like that they I feel satisfyingly small and calm – electrically inspired by the sea to accomplish something big.

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