My talk at the McMaster Student Union “Vision 2010” Workshop

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to student leaders from across McMaster as a guest speaker in the Vision 2010 workshop organised by MSU President Mary Koziol and her executive. I spoke between Kate Whalen, Director for the Office of Sustainability and Brian McHattie, Hamilton City Councillor for Ward 1.

I spoke about the importance of student engagement in politics, at the federal, provincial and municipal level. In the presentation, I emphasised municipal politics because it is the most direct avenue for students to have an impact on the City’s life. It is also topical, because the municipal elections are just a couple of weeks away.

I also wanted to raise student awareness of this, because in the last municipal election, a special poll was organised on the McMaster campus and only 10 students voted out of a potential pool of several thousand. Astonishing.

If you’re interested, you can download my PowerPoint slides: Dr Alex Sevigny, MSU Vision 2010 PowerPoint

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