Life-Love #26: Having a good lie-in

Some days you feel a little spent. You’ve worked hard all week, each day longer than the next. Your job might be a pleasure, like mine – but sometimes the most pleasurable job can wear you out. So you watch tv or surf the net to unwind, maybe even late into the night. You tell yourself that you’re allowed to sleep in and wake up late, feeling deliciously lazy. You pat your cat or your dog and give it some food. Then you grind some coffee beans and brew yourself up a wonderful stovetop espresso. The kitchen is filled with the aroma of coffee and the gurgling Italian espresso pot, until the sound tapers off. The coffee’s ready. You curl up in bed with your coffee and your newspaper, pull the covers up and feel awfully cozy. The next couple of hours are blissful: you read the paper, flip  through a magazine you love – you might even do the crossword puzzle or sudoku – while the sun rises up through the morning, slowly lengthening the warm golden beams it has splashed across your covers.

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  1. These are all so beautifully written. Your words and descriptions really bring the scenes/experiences to life.

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