Life-Love #25: A sunny moment on a cold, grey day

Cold weather can be so pleasant. A chill breeze sets your cheeks afire, makes you feel things more acutely. Your muscles contract to warm you, your skin awash in waves upon wave of goose bumps that come with an electric thrill. However, on the odd grey, humid day, your skin can feel a little clammy, and it can be hard to shake the feeling that you’ll never be warm or toasty again. Then the clouds break and, perhaps as you’re driving in your car, or walking along the street, you feel a ray of warm golden light caress your face. Your mood changes slightly, your muscles relax and you break out in a quiet, private smile. As the clouds drift back to replace gold with grey, you’re left with the memory of that fleeting moment of sunlit comfort, and it lasts.

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  1. Ah I so agree with this. I’ve been walking to school everyday recently and I’ve really come to enjoy the walks, even in the rain or cold. Being all bundled up and laughing at the squirrels is actually very entertaining.

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